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We do cuantosexo not live now called Druridge Bay, but to be honest the few times we went to the beach has been a disaster from a nudist beach, we went three times last summer throughout the day at the center twice a cuantosexo week and cuantosexo a Saturday afternoon. The last visit I was scared and afraid to return. This is what happens when we visited on a warm Wednesday afternoon. We parked at the end of the one-lane road and went to cuantosexo the nudist beach, cuantosexo we climbed the hill to the top of the dunes and walked past a small clearing on the right side, now I'm not a prude and her husband, she said, probably all the kids just out there, but I did not expect to see a guy lying down and others kneeling between his legs cuantosexo sucking cock ! Anyway, as I said, I'm not a prude, so continued at the top of the dunes a short distance, then fell into a small clearing created someone? Soon I had my towel still on the floor of my clothing before it was nice and relaxing naked in the sun and then I had thought it would be the center of a degree of attention, so do not bother me too much if the whole world now appears as a head to the left or right of the tall grass, in fact, would need more than a little disappointed if I had given no attention lol! What happened then, finally, a man approached us, it was 45 to 50 tall with a nice slim body. He came, greeted me talk began to do well for me ( is cuantosexo good to be good), wearing a baggy pair of pants and a towel. After the usual 'good morning ', ' If you take a' chat, he asked if he could sit next to us, cuantosexo my husband looked at me and nodded, so I said 'yes please' that he dropped his pants for a good semi -erect penis betrayed and sat opposite him, where I was (lol typical man ) After 15 minutes of talking, inevitably, the conversation around to sex ( as usual) , and we all laugh about things like wHere was the strangest place I have ever had sex, like other things that he had a 3some etc etc all this time, we speak of a head that appears somewhere close to us and could hear the noise of the grass is. Mike (our friend) laughed and said he often cuantosexo came to cuantosexo the beach and has about 3 or 4 people, with the hope of doing something, so it was used as the continued attention. We continued chatting and laughing at the neighborhood kids. At some point after a little more wine and talk about sex the husband to take the sun felt a little naughty and suggested that ' finish' the boys hiding in the grass to see what would happen! I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was sitting behind me playing with my boobs to see if the boys to 'break cover ' would be, with whom he stood and looked around before behind me and told me I had at least six men hiding in the grass near break no problems ! my husband far behind me and began to massThe aging of the left breast while pulling on my right nipple, Mmm, shot a nice warm tingling through my body! My cuantosexo husband did this for a few minutes. I must admit that my hand slipped around my back and grabbed his cock whispered in his ear when he was about to see, was put in Mike was looking over us and tell us every time a head appeared, or if someone approached... I also had an effect on him, and he was trying to cover his hard cock right hand. cuantosexo Unfortunately for him was not like his hand was not big enough to hide it! I could not help but give a little chuckle when I realized this and said : 'Mike hun I did not bother to hide how proud and let him go ' He laughed and said something like ' It's your fault, it's like that all 'which frowned and then smiled and said,' Well, I'd be very disappointed if I had not had that effect on you ' the wine was kicking and I could feel me hornybehind the head, my husband was still playing with my tits, slowly began to open my legs teasing Mike, because I knew my pussy was wet and would be red and swollen because the husband 's attention was also given my tits was reduced due to the light of the fact that not only I have two beautiful cock teasing me, but at least 6 and not so far! you could cuantosexo smell the sex in the air and could not hold as it was with horror moaned softly, it was Mike stop seeing how wet I knew I would open my pussy was ! I looked at Mike, he smiled and said I looked nice when I thanked him and told him again to the fact that there was a beautiful tail, wine! Only this time I always leaning on all fours and took his cock in my mouth taste too salty Mmm I do not think it had something to do with the sea breeze ! He immediately took my tits in his cuantosexo hands and squeezed it gently. My husband still looked behind me to see what was happening ( was nervosomeone we could actually go and point us), because only children who had become cuantosexo a feast for the eyes that happens lol! that was in Mike 's cock sucking, for contents while my husband, sitting behind me on the fingers of my now very wet pussy and now some of the guards had built up enough courage to actually within 6 to 8 meters away, are the two guys who had been in cuantosexo the clear, sucking each other were now happily almost masturbate with us very impressive cock ! My mind was spinning it was never so incredibly dirty, so I stopped sucking Mike 's cock and lay on his back exposed to play with my clitoris, which is always and literally mourn for all those people masturbate over my naked body, ' Want to cum all over my tits and pussy cock dirty bastard masturbate we ' I cried. All was rosy again I was lying, kneeling husband are connected to my head, Mike knelt on my left knee 2 other guys right now another 4 children every sport huge hard cocks ! Then he began to go wrong, or so I thought ! One boy stood next to Mike took his cock while one of his friends grabbed hubbys cock husband politely told the boy he was not interested here only to help me enjoy myself, for me, I was too angry to realize at first what was happening, but was a bit of an orgy with men sucking other boys turn and jerk it around me, but not for me now! Mike obviously knew the outcome when it connects easily with the guys and started sucking the cock that was imposed in the face. That was bad enough, but in a weird way, it was still very hot, could not be there with my husband, and children 's fingers sought not only to me but to someone else in range. I was always very, very wet again see all those cocks and I was still a degree of attention, so we decided to enjoy it. that 's when it really went wrong, we had forgotten thatThere was no one there now are looking for someone, before we knew it, this woman appeared in the horse is calling us all perverts and deviants who tells us that we report to the police before galloping into the dunes. We packed our things quickly got dressed and went back to the parking lot as fast as I cuantosexo could walk in the desperate hope back to the car before they could get the police there. back to the car drove back to sweat until the long term, we have in the main street and in normal traffic. That was in July last year. I could go back, but do not know yet. Now you can see what a hot bitch I'm really lol Annmarie love xxx
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Mardi 15 mai 2 15 /05 /Mai 20:57

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